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Volume 02 Issue.09
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1 Comparative Analysis of Physical Fitness Variables of Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Players
M. Samuel Jesudoss & Dr. S.Johnson Premkumar
2 Impact of Public Distribution System on Reducing Poverty in the Tribal Area of Tamil Nadu
G. Rajesh & Dr. P. Natarajamurthy

Influence of plyometric training circuit training and weight training on muscular endurance flexibility and jumping ability among inter collegiate volleyball players
M. Sivakumar, Dr. S. Johnson & Dr.K.Rajendran


A emprical study on consumers buying behaviour of electronic home appliances in dindigul district
Dr.R.Sundar & Mrs.B.Sharmila


Effect of Treadmill Running under Varied Inclinations on Selected Cardiopulmonary Fitness Variables among Intercollegiate Athletes
A.Solomon Raja & Dr.S.Glady Kirubakar

6 Prediction of Volleyball Playing Ability from Selected Anthropometrical and Skill Variables of State Level Volleyball Players
S. Benkins Dinesh & Dr. S. Glady Kirubakar

Effect of yoga nidra and autogenic training on frame of mind among volleyball players


Effect of plyometric training on selected physical fitness and physiological variables among male basketball players
Dr. S. Chidambara raja

9 Physical fitness differentials among university men basketball volleyball and handball players
Dr. P. Karthikeyan
10 Effect of physical activity on health related quality of life in retired women in IOC
Dr. K. Rajendran
11 Effect of intensive and extensive circuit weight trainig on selected anthropometric variable of physical Education students
Dr. W. Vinu
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