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Volume 04 Issue.12
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Effect Of Concurrent Strength And Endurance Training Package On Selected Bio-Motor Abilities Of Cricket Players
Dr. A. Gunalan


Effect Of Interval Training On Speed Of College Men
Dr. M. Muthuraj


Effect Of Aerobic Running And Swimming On Selected Physiological Parameters Of College Male Students
G.Ramesh & Dr.D.Selvam


Relative Effect Of Saq Training Verses Assisted Sprint Training On Selected Speed Related Parameters
Dr. Y. Wise Blessed Singh


Corporate Governance: Impact On The Performance Of Banking And Insurance Sector In India: An Empirical Study
Imrankhan, I. Pathan


Effect Of Various Intensities Of Plyometric Training On Speed And Strength Endurance
Rajeeva, M & Dr. K. Sivakumar


Impact Of High Intensity Interval Training And Detraining On Cardio Respiratory Endurance Of College Male Students
Dr.P. Senthilkumar


“ A glance in to the job satisfaction of kerala sports council coaches” Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real Happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life
Lt. Dr. G.p.sudheer & dr. R. Binoy


Effect of aerobic dance training on resting pulse rate among Volleyball players







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