The nano metal oxide material; silver oxide (Ag2O) was prepared in the form of thin film by popular technique; Electron beam evaporation method which was set down on optically flat glass plates. In order to study the structural, morphological and electro-optical properties, the thin film was annealed at 100º, 200º and 300º C temperatures respectively. The FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra were recorded for macro as well as nano levels with different temperatures. The obtained data from SEM, described the amalgamation of nano iso-surface and it was supported by the data attained from TEM. The experimentally observed results and theoretically calculated output were established the silver particle size in the range of 33-50 nm at three different annealed temperatures. The structural parameters and its associated analysis showed the consistent bond length and bond angle parameters. The EDAX deflection peaks displayed the compositional parts of the nano material and it was also figured the presence Ag and O and thereby the sequential array of atoms with lattice was made by Ag2O combination.  The theoretical and experimental data related to UV-Visible absorption spectra revealed the optical data linked with absorption. Its acquired results explained the accurate response of light by the nano Ag2O and the active visible region was determined. The experimental information regarding Photoluminescence spectrum revealed the semi-optical transparency and opto-electronic effect of the films. The main root-cause of radiative centre of silver oxide nano material was determined and evaluated by the associated outcome results.

 [tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file=”http://starresearchjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/v6i10p2.pdf” width=”100%” height=”1000px” download=”true” print=”true” fullscreen=”true” share=”true” zoom=”true” open=”true” pagenav=”true” logo=”true” find=”true” language=”en-US” page=”” default_zoom=”auto” pagemode=””]Keywords: Ag2O, EDAX, iso-surface, Photoluminescence, semi-optical transparency.