Volume 02 Issue.06

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1 A study on level of depression among the HIV/AIDS infected persons in karur district
A. Arun Prakash & K. Nandakumar
2 Analysis of kinanthropometric characteristics and push-in ball speed in hockey
S. Viswanath & R. Kalidasan
3 The protagonist of stigma and discrimination in increasing the vulnerability of children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.
M. Mudiappan & R. Mangaleswaran
4 Social stigma increases insecurity of people living with HIV/AIDS- A descriptive study conducted among the HIV positive people in kerala
V.S. Kochukrishna Kurup, Rajeev MM & Asha Jacob
5 A study on stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS in Perambalur district
D. Sellam & Dr. F.Lovelina Little Flower
6 A study on level of anxiety among the HIV/AIDS infected persons in Thanjauvr district
Mr. K. Nanda Kumar & Mr. A. Arun Prakash
7 Effect of explosive resistance training on selected motor fitness components among polytechnic students
P.Pradeep Kumar & Dr.K.Chandrasekaran
8 Talent identification in hockey from the selected kinanthropometric, motor & physiological factors and to construct a specific test battery
T.Suthamathi & Dr. J.Suganthi
9 A comparative analysis of selected physical fitness and performance variables among university and senior state men hockey players
N. Mallesh & Dr. R. Gandhi
10 Influence of interval training on speed and speed endurance among football players
11 Analysis of sport goal orientation and participation motivation of men basketball players at different topography
Linsa, K.P & Dr. J. Glory Darling Margaret
12 Construction of skill tests and compilation of norms for scoop and drag flick skills in field hockey
Pon.Anbarasu, Dr.Mrs. Sheila Stephen