Volume 02 Issue.10

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1 Effect of High Altitude Training on the Physiological profiles of middle and Long Distance Runners
Dr. Sindhu Reddy Avula, Dr. Sangeetha & Dr. M. Bose
2 Biomechanical Analysis of Penalty Corner Drag Flick in Field Hockey
R. Sathesh Franklin & Dr. P. Rajinikumar
3 Effect of Music on Heart Rate and Breathe Rate
P.Prabhu Pandian, L.Mahalingam, Dr M.Raj Kumar
4 Effect of Game Specific Field Training with Yogic Practices on Selected Physical Variables among Cricket Players
R.Selvakumar & Dr.V.Vallimurugan
5 Impact of kettle bell training on selected physical and performance related variables among badminton players
A. Purusothaman & Dr. R. Kalidasan
6 Influence of selected yogic practices on selected psychological variables among volley ball players
S. Ravindrabharathi & Dr. A. Uthirapathy
7 Impact of aerobic dance on selected physical components on intercollegiate handball players
C.Vairavasundaram & Dr.A.Palanisamy
8 Effect of supervised learning and self learning on passing skills in basketball among school boys
Jino Robert & Dr. Mrs. Sheila Stephen
9 Problems in the development of sports in schools and the community
10 Effect of interval running and swimming activities on selected coronary heart disease among middle aged men
Dr. S. Chidambara raja
11 Effect of yogasana on selected physical fitness components
Dr. P. Karthikeyan
12 Effect of concurrent strength and plyometric training on selected biomotor abilities
Dr. W. Vinu